Car washhhhh!!



Hey guys. Were having another car wash! 🚗✈ This time at Shell near Kmart (Across JFK) on June 29, 2014 from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Tickets are $5.00 each or more if you’d like to donate 😘 Come and support your future LPNs! We hope to see you there! 💋

- Erika

David Clarke is ALIVE!


Sorry. Big ABC’s Revenge fan and for you guys who hasn’t watched the Season 3 finale, I definitely killed one of the surprises. Just ONE. Don’t worry. A lot more shit happens. Lol.


Hello guys. Its been a hectic month. But let me bring you up to speed. I passed our first semester!! One semester down. Two to go. Had a five day break and now back for the summer semester. Actually. First day of class is in approximately 7 hours. Yes. I know I should be sleeping. What subjects do we have.. Nursing trends. Mental Health. And Med Surg I and II. Fun. 😒

My birthday was six days ago. Yes. I accept belated greetings. And it was simple like I wanted it to be. Food and friends. Quality time with the Hulk and my boboys. And that was basically it. Happy 20-something to me. 🎂

Mothership is back from the Philippines. Grandma had a mild heart attack, was in the ICU for a while, but is now back home in Cavite. And strong as ever. Praying for continuing great health and strength. I love you, Mama Chit! (That IS the right spelling and NOT pronounced the way you’re thinking.)

That’s basically it. I keep forgetting that I have the WordPress app on my phone and I keep promising to blog more. But I am trying.

Hope we have a good first day.
Have a good night everyone. 😙


Miss Nurse Proclamation #3


I will never forget the sight of my first stage 4 decubitus ulcer. Don’t forget to irrigate from clean to dirty. Don’t forget the undermining. And most of all, after you take off the bandage and the dressing in the ulcer, CHANGE YOUR GLOVES! Stay clean.

A blur of a night.


I wanted to drink. But I didn’t want to put on a bra, get dressed, drive to the bar, sit on uncomfortable chairs, and listen to other people’s drama. This nursing student life has made me such a loner. But my friend was too convincing and she offered to drive. SO I had to go.

I haven’t been out since.. last year. And last night? I had to face the life I have left behind. I won’t go into detail on who I actually saw, but it made me realize how far I have actually come. A piece of me tried to pry information of how the rest are doing, but I’ve managed to stop myself.

I am happy. I’m doing what I’ve promised my papa I would do. My boyfriend adores me. And there’s no other place and time I’d rather be in.

To everyone that has crossed my path, I hope you find everything you seek for. And that you are happy, healthy, and safe. What may have happen in the past.. which I have forgiven yet never forget. I wish you all the things in the world.


Spring break.


As my title applies.. It is officially spring break!! No clinical, care plans, or MARs. For at least 10 days. 😛

By the way, the hulk bought me an S4! So I am connected more than ever. Hopefully this will make me post more and not a monthly thing.

I decided to make a checklist for spring break to maximize my time.

- Clean my clinical shoes
– Clean my crocs
– Spring cleaning my room
– Beach time
– Alcoholic beverages
– Eat at Papa’s resto

And that’s all I have listed. The beach is on top of my list. With some good food and some Moscato.

Hope to write more later.
For now.
Here’s a pic of Victor looking into your soul.